Fresh Off the Workbench: Tenon's Summer '23 Product Release

Accelerate Your Marketing Work Management with Agile Marketing, Pre-Built Templates, and Powerful Enterprise Features

At Tenon, we’re all about powering up our product, so you can thoughtfully power down. Innovation from us means less manual work for marketers – and that’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. Well that, and a good sunrise.

Read on as we reveal the shiny new capabilities we’ve been working on behind the scenes, now available in Tenon’s Summer '23 Product Release.

Features Fresh Off the Tenon Workbench

Use Agile Marketing to Expedite and Focus Your Work

If you’re considering or have already adopted agile for your marketing team, you can now leverage Tenon’s new agile marketing capabilities. Agile methodologies can greatly benefit marketers by providing a flexible and adaptive framework that promotes collaboration, efficiency, and continuous improvement. With our agile marketing functionality, marketing teams can stay aligned on high-priority objectives at a glance and marketing leaders will be empowered to allocate resources thoughtfully. 

Features unlocked with our agile marketing functionality:

  • Understand team workload with capacity visualization
  • Adapt to pivoting priorities with drag and drop task reprioritization within your sprints
  • Stay on track with with daily stand-ups, sprint planning, retrospectives, and detail views

Expedite Processes Using Marketing Project Templates

One of the biggest challenges as a marketer is simply outlining the work that needs to get done. Creating a foundation for work traditionally takes a lot of time because each campaign and project needs to be constructed from scratch. With our pre-built marketing templates – designed with best practices from top marketers – your team will be ready to go in days, not weeks. 

Included in Tenon’s pre-built marketing templates:

  • Webinars and in-person events
  • Marketing emails from creation to distribution
  • Content creation: blogs, social media posts, press releases
  • And we’re adding more all the time!
Pre-built Marketing templates in Tenon

Use Segments to Organize Your Enterprise Marketing Work

Now, with expanded segmentation available on individual task lists, marketers will be able to see and filter all of their campaigns, projects, and tasks from one intuitive view. Visualize your work across different marketing groups (i.e., locations, functions, departments) for a better understanding of progress and prioritization.

Additionally, on the account level, it’s often a challenge for large enterprise teams to control how work is viewed and accessed by different groups. This can result in teams getting overwhelmed by work that doesn't apply to them. Stay focussed by utilizing our new account-level segmentation, perfect for large marketing teams to stay aligned without confusion.

Enterprise marketing segmentation in Tenon

And Now for a Bit of Color!

At Tenon, we love receiving input from our customers. One recent request: more color! We heard that and we’ve added color glyphs. If it helps visualize the work that needs to be done, there’s no detail too small. Marketing is all about the details, and we’ll continue on our journey to make the Tenon solution intuitive, innovative and overall a joy to use.

Color glyphs in Tenon's marketing solution

Ready to See More?

Watch our product release event on-demand to learn more of these exciting features! Then, request a Tenon tour for a personal walkthrough to see how you can maximize the impact of your marketing.

Tenon, Marketing Work Management for Enterprise Teams

Tenon is a Work Management solution developed exclusively for Marketers. We provide a single space for marketing teams to organize and collaborate on campaigns, projects, and tasks so everyone stays in the loop from start to finish. Built on ServiceNow, we're powered by a platform already used by IT, HR, Finance, and Customer Service, so your company can collaborate and get work done like never before.

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With Tenon, you no longer need to start a project management practice from scratch.

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