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Bring campaigns from brainstorm to brilliance in a single solution with marketing work + marketing automation.

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Marketing WORK

Plan, Collaborate, and Drive Success

  • Easily build and track campaign priorities with templates, calendars, and shared goals.
  • Boost efficiency with brand assets and interactive communication tools.
  • Showcase marketing value and impact with configurable dashboards and insights.
Marketing work managment

Marketing automation

Create, Launch, and Engage

  • Organize and segment customer lists, design and deploy emails, forms, and landing pages.
  • Craft workflows to convert leads and contacts at every stage of the customer journey.
  • Tailor engagement throughout the full customer life cycle with automation insights.
Marketing Automation

Connect + Collaborate

Streamline Processes

Simplify the orchestration of your marketing tasks and keep project stakeholders engaged every step of the way.

Maintain Momentum

Deliver marketing projects with speed and at scale with pre-built marketing templates, agile marketing, and intuitive workflows.

Enhance Collaboration

Communicate project progress and maintain team focus with tools that keep everyone in the loop.

Marketing Collaboration

Accelerate Campaigns

Build and execute tactics that drive engagement and convert contacts at every stage of the customer journey.

Marketing Automation

Showcase Success

Demonstrate marketing value with shareable dashboards, campaign reporting and automation insights. 

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"The fact that Tenon has been designed for a marketing team and that its purpose is to support the marketing effort made it very attractive to us."

Kelly McDermott
Kelly McDermott
CMO, Caregility

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