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Connect and collaborate with an enterprise work management solution crafted for marketers, by marketers.

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Marketing shouldn’t be left on an island. Built on ServiceNow, Tenon connects to the rest of your organization on one platform that’s loved by marketers and approved by IT.

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Manage Work Faster Than Ever

  • Access pre-built, enterprise-grade marketing project templates.
  • Start fast with marketing-specific configuration for project tracking and work management.
  • Enable cross-functional collaboration and unmatched visibility.


Tech That’s Already Approved

  • Adopt an enterprise marketing work management solution that’s built on ServiceNow.
  • Keep it safe with enterprise access rights, controls, and security.
  • Align your request intake process across the organization.

"The fact that Tenon has been designed for a marketing team and that its purpose is to support the marketing effort made it very attractive to us."

Kelly McDermott
Kelly McDermott
CMO, Caregility

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With a direct connection to the rest of your organization, see how Tenon makes work a whole lot easier.

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