A Unified Marketing Solution Built on ServiceNow

Connect and collaborate to drive business forward.

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With Tenon, Marketing Works with ServiceNow

Modern marketers are underserved with solutions created to streamline work and maintain alignment. With Tenon, built on ServiceNow, enterprises can streamline their marketing workflow and improve cross-functional collaboration to achieve their strategic goals.

Build Trust

Connect with a solution built on ServiceNow for seamless connectivity and control

  • Consolidate tech for simplicity
  • Align work processes
  • Improve employee experience

Gain Visibility

Gain a real-time and in-depth insight into marketing activity and operations

  • Centralize marketing work
  • View metrics in real-time
  • Aid C-Suite decision making

Boost Collaboration

Cross-departmental collaboration to get work done like never before

  • Connect the enterprise
  • Increase speed + quality
  • Focus company-wide goals
"Powered by the ServiceNow Platform, Tenon is changing the way marketers work. By bringing marketing teams together on a single, united platform, organizations can better connect people, processes and systems to drive efficiencies and improve experiences,
while saving time and money."
Headshot of John Ball
John Ball
SVP + General Manager, Customer + Industry Workflows, ServiceNow

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