“The fact that Tenon has been designed for a marketing team and that its purpose is to support the marketing effort made it very attractive to us."

Kelly McDermott
CMO, Caregility

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Maximize the impact of your marketing from planning to execution with a solution designed for marketers and built on ServiceNow.

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Maximize the Impact of Your Marketing


Enhance Collaboration

77% of high-performing marketing teams use project management software to enhance collaboration and communication


Increase Productivity

Organizations that implement project management software experience an average productivity increase of 15-20%


Drive Success

Companies using project management software experienced 20% reduction in project completion time


Save Resources

Workflow management software helps employees save 498 hours on average per year

"Powered by the ServiceNow Platform, Tenon is changing the way marketers work. By bringing marketing teams together on a single, united platform, organizations can better connect people, processes and systems to drive efficiencies and improve experiences,
while saving time and money."
Headshot of John Ball
John Ball
SVP + General Manager, Customer + Industry Workflows, ServiceNow