Connecting Marketers to the Enterprise Like Never Before

We’re driven by a singular objective: to transform how enterprise marketers work.

Why? Because we know the value marketing brings to organizations. But often, in enterprise organizations, the marketing function is left on an island with little connection to the greater organization.

Our dedicated mission is to elevate marketing across the organization, giving them the tools to collaborate across departments to drive visibility, support, and be able to execute and prove the value of their services. Crafted by marketers for marketers, we approach solving this problem with creative energy and empathy that matches a marketer’s passion for creativity and results.

Built on ServiceNow, our solution leverages the built-in security, compliance, and trust expected at the enterprise level, and provides a unified solution allowing marketing teams to plan, execute and measure the performance of campaigns like never before.

Our Values

Aim Higher

If something we’re working on seems out of reach, it means we are on the right track. Our commitment to and belief in each other allows us to blow away our personal and professional goals.

Customer Obsessed

We work to serve and follow through on our commitments. By serving our internal and external customers we reach our goals as a team.

Humble + Hungry

If someone needs our help we will be there for them. No one is above any task and we do what is needed regardless of our title or role in the company. Together we drive for results as one team.

Beginner's Mind

We look at problems with an open mind and no preconceived solutions. We create breakthroughs by finding new innovative ways of operating and solving problems.

Total Alignment

We make sure everyone is on the same page by aligning, working towards the same goal, and achieving higher results. We operate in a culture of radical candor and open lines of communication across the business. We have crucial conversations to address any challenges.

Our Team

Ben Person

Ben Person

Co-Founder and CEO

“During my time as a CMO, I realized marketing is no longer a standalone function and I saw firsthand the chaotic nature of executing marketing projects. 

I experienced the pain marketing teams go through day-to-day with rapidly changing priorities, inefficient processes, manual follow-ups, and fragmented information. 

What I didn’t see was a solution that was specifically built to solve these challenges. That was the catalyst for creating Tenon – elevating marketing across the organization on a platform trusted by enterprises. And it’s what I’m so excited to share with you all.”

Ben Ivers

Ben Ivers

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

“As a solution architect and implementer for top martech products, I’ve always been inspired by software that intuitively elevates work and drives positive results.

That’s what led me to co-found Tenon – the realization that work management hasn’t been effectively designed with marketers in mind.

By building a solution customized for enterprise teams, we can create something that’s not only intuitive and relevant, but the key to helping marketing organizations hit their objectives like never before.”

Supported by Marketing Innovators

To truly understand the needs of marketers and build a solution purpose-built to solve enterprise pain points, Tenon has assembled an amazing network of Marketing leaders and advisors to support our growth and ongoing innovation.


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