Connect Marketing Work to Campaign Automation

Connect your marketing from planning to execution.

In the ever-expanding digital age, the average marketer juggles 27 different software solutions simultaneously. This fragmented approach not only clutters our digital workspace but also hampers productivity and strategic execution.

With the marketing technology landscape now boasting over 14,000 solutions, it’s clear: marketers are overwhelmed with options yet starving for cohesive solutions.

The Cost of Chaos.

The proliferation of disparate marketing tools not only dilutes strategic focus but also transforms marketing departments into reactive, order-taking entities. As a result, strategic planning is sidelined, and daily operations devolve into managing one emergency after another. This chaotic environment leads to a 25% drop in productivity and costs businesses $37 billion annually due to poor communication and inefficient collaboration.

Tenon’s Marketing Solution: Unified and Simplified.

At Tenon, we recognize that simplicity accelerates results. Our solution offers a unified approach to managing the entire marketing lifecycle – from planning all the way to campaign execution.

Project Management
: Take the mystery out of your marketing work with powerful project management tools to align your team and stay on track.

Marketing Templates: Build a foundation of repeatable work management with pre-built marketing templates that accelerate marketing projects.

Marketing Goals: Easily track marketing milestones and connect company initiatives to the work being done.

Marketing Calendars: Say goodbye to fire drills and missed deadlines with calendars that connect your team and keep campaigns front and center.

Marketing Work + Marketing Automation for Unrealized Results

And now
! Tenon connects marketing project management and team goals directly with marketing tactics to drive customer engagement and maintain visibility from start to finish.  

Brand Center: Align your marketing team with brand guidelines to maintain brand consistency. 

List Management: Segment your audiences to coordinate thoughtful marketing and sales outreach and initiatives. 

Marketing Email: Reach your customers and prospects with easy-to-build emails to drive engagement. 

Landing Pages: Create beautiful landing pages to highlight promotions and capture interest. 

Marketing Insights: Track the metrics that drive success. From email insights to campaign outcomes, Tenon provides marketers with actionable insights that allow data-driven decisions. 

Designed for Marketers, built on ServiceNow.

Leveraging a marketing solution built on ServiceNow equips enterprise teams with the tools, scalability, and security needed to navigate the complexities of modern marketing.

  • Pre-Approved IT Platform: Fast-track your projects with a solution that’s already approved and ready for integration, freeing you to focus on strategic initiatives rather than setup.
  • Cross-Departmental Collaboration: Leverage seamless integration across IT, Finance, HR, and Customer Service, already thriving on ServiceNow, to enhance marketing effectiveness.
  • Uncompromised Security: Operate with confidence knowing your data is protected under the stringent security standards that even the US government trusts.

Elevate Customer Experience.

The Tenon solution goes beyond mere operational efficiency; it enhances customer experiences by centralizing focus across marketing, sales, and service. This unified approach not only streamlines processes but also ensures that every department aligns and collaborates effectively, driving strategic, targeted, and impactful marketing efforts.

The Strategic Advantage with Tenon.

As we look towards a more integrated future, Tenon is not just a tool but a strategic partner that simplifies, secures, and supercharges your marketing efforts. 

By consolidating your marketing operations onto a single solution, Tenon cuts through the noise, allowing marketers to close unnecessary tabs and focus on what truly matters—delivering results.

Join us in transforming marketing work with a solution that grows with your enterprise, streamlining your marketing operations and elevating your business outcomes.

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With Tenon, you no longer need to start a project management practice from scratch.

Let's save your marketing team time for the work that matters.

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