Solving Corporate Comms Challenges with Marketing Work Management

Streamlining Corporate Communications

Effective communication is the linchpin of successful global enterprises. It ensures seamless teamwork, heightened efficiency, and a shared vision.

With that, Corporate Communications experts play a pivotal role in managing both external and internal communication, underscoring the need for efficient work management tools to streamline operations and maintain consistent messages.

The Top 3 Challenges for Corporate Communications Teams:

Corporate communications teams manage various tasks, such as reports, emails, memos, press releases, and branding. Given the breadth of their responsibilities, these teams encounter several challenges, including:

  1. ‍Driving Employee Engagement and Alignment: Ensuring effective communication and alignment across various teams and departments, especially in larger enterprises, can be challenging.
  2. Developing Content Strategy and Message Management: Creating an effective content strategy and managing messaging across diverse platforms and channels can be complex, particularly without a clear strategic direction.
  3. Overcoming Digital Communication Challenges: Digital communication methods can lead to messages being ignored, and the use of multiple communication tools can create confusion and inefficiency.

How Marketing Work Management Helps Corporate Comms Teams

A Marketing Work Management
solution provides the tools to streamline operations and address these issues, promoting enhanced engagement, content strategy, and digital communication.

Let's delve into how such a solution can be the key to overcoming these hurdles.

1. Driving Employee Engagement and Alignment

  • Task Management: A Marketing Work Management solution allows corporate communication teams to assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress, ensuring that every team member is clear on their responsibilities.
  • Collaboration Features: With collaboration tools, teams can work together seamlessly, enhancing engagement and alignment across various departments.
  • Centralized Communication: The solution provides a central hub for communication, allowing employees to access and participate in discussions, reducing the likelihood of missed deadlines, content errors, or campaign confusion.

2. Developing Content Strategy and Message Management

  • Content Scheduling: Marketing Work Management helps teams schedule content, ensuring a well-organized and strategic approach to content creation and distribution.
  • Messaging Coordination: With a unified solution, messages can be coordinated easily, maintaining consistency and alignment with branding and market positioning.
  • Single Source of Information: The solution creates a single place for all project and messaging details, making it easy for team members to access and use the required information.

3. Overcoming Digital Communication Challenges

  • Consolidation: By consolidating communication into one application, a Marketing Work Management solution simplifies digital communication, reducing the risk of messages being ignored or lost in various communication tools.
  • Efficiency: With a centralized communication platform, marketing work management helps prevent resource wastage by making communication more efficient and effective.‍‍‍

Empower Your Corporate Comms team with Tenon

Tenon, a marketing work management solution built on ServiceNow, is tailored to the needs of marketing and communications professionals. It assists in outlining content strategies, boosting employee engagement, and simplifying communication.

Learn how Tenon can help your Corporate Communications team succeed and grow. Request a personalized Tenon Tour today!

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