How Tenon Brings Marketing Campaigns to Life

From Campaign Concept to Marketing Reality

Picture this: Your company is about to launch a number of groundbreaking product features and your marketing team is excited to hit the ground running. A launch date has been set and company leaders are anxiously anticipating an outcome that drives increased engagement and customer interest.

There’s just one catch: as a marketing leader, you don’t really have a set process for how to get this message out into the market, and you can already sense a level of heightened stress across your team. 

If this feels familiar, you’re not alone. Top marketers everywhere still feel the weight of bringing complex campaigns to life.

So, what’s the key to simplifying the process and alleviating this all-too-familiar anxiety? Alignment – that delicate dance between creativity, coordination, and strategy. With the support of a work management solution, marketing teams can eliminate silos, foster collaboration, and ensure campaigns come to life without the unnecessary chaos.

But what does this actually look like in practice? Join us as we take you through a campaign created, orchestrated, and supported by Tenon, a Marketing Work Management solution built on ServiceNow, helps enterprise marketers coordinate complex campaigns. 

From the initial concept to the grand reveal, you'll discover how a well-coordinated team, with the support of a marketing work management solution, can transform brilliant ideas into repeatable, real-world success.

Marketing Leaders

As a Marketing Leader, your role is clear: align your team’s efforts and campaigns with the company's overarching goals and initiatives.

To navigate your team through this product feature launch successfully, you know it’s vital to:

  • Clearly define and communicate the campaign's goals and expectations 
  • Equip team leaders with the necessary tools to support their individual roles and manage their team member’s tasks effectively
  • Highlight the campaign’s outcome to the rest of the company

With Tenon, built on ServiceNow, each of these objectives can be achieved without the need for multiple solutions.

Using Tenon’s Goals feature, marketing leaders can set clear expectations from the beginning of an initiative to ensure priorities are clear and team members are all on the same page. A goal can consist of multiple projects that roll up into a larger campaign, which helps guide project prioritization and ensures your campaign maintains alignment to the relevant KPIs, OKRs, MBOs, or other strategic initiatives previously set. 

With Tenon’s Marketing Calendar, Agile Marketing capabilities, Task View, and Activity Stream, team members are able to visualize all of their projects and tasks with ease. You’ll learn more about these features along the way! 

And finally, to maintain company-wide alignment, Tenon’s Marketing Dashboards can provide the metrics marketing leaders need to interpret a campaign’s success. From the amount of hours spent on certain activities to budget breakdowns, Tenon provides marketing leadership with valuable insights to drive thoughtful data-driven decisions. 

Marketing Operations

Right from the start, Marketing Ops is there to ensure all marketing technology helps support a campaign’s progress without a hitch. Their coordination is crucial to making sure your campaign goals are perfectly aligned with your business objectives.

To support the complexity associated with modern marketing teams, many Marketing Ops teams have adopted an Agile methodology. Agile Marketing can enhance the efficiency and flexibility of marketing operations, especially when managing projects, campaigns, and processes that require iterative development and adaptation.

While not required for every team, it’s important to note that Tenon’s Agile Marketing capabilities are available with the toggle of a button! The ability to utilize sprints, stand-ups, and retrospectives can be invaluable to create a culture that thrives on collaboration. It can enhance adaptability, customer-centricity, and efficiency, while leading to more relevant and effective campaigns.

Product Marketers

Armed with messaging and input from teams across the company like Product and Design, Product Marketers are tasked with coordinating a successful launch that communicates the new features clearly and provides the content needed to promote the innovations with ease. 

To maintain consistency and build a repeatable process, Product Marketers turn to Tenon's pre-built Marketing Templates. Templates set up a reliable and efficient way to handle successful product launches time and again.

By allowing Product Marketers to build the necessary steps, assign team members, and refine over time, they can be confident everyone knows their roles, timelines are met, and every product launch is more successful than the last. 

Along the way, Product Marketers can be confident that any adjustment to the campaign plan will be seen by team members in Tenon. With notifications, assignees are notified when new tasks come their way, when project statuses are updated, and when tasks and approvals are overdue ensuring they never miss a deadline.


Project and Program Managers

Project and Program Managers also play a vital role in keeping your marketing team on track. They serve as the central hub for orchestrating campaign activities – meticulously planning, coordinating, and tracking every project aspect to make sure it stays on time and within budget.

As teams also rely on project and program managers to outline work effectively, ensuring tasks and projects align with campaign goals, they too can utilize pre-built templates to plan and execute projects efficiently. Additionally, they can set up task dependencies and approvals, ensuring work happens in the right order and gets the green light from the right people. 

As your teams and projects grow, things can get overwhelming. But whether it's an ebook, email campaign, or webinar, these projects can be tracked clearly on a project Kanban board. This view streamlines work, enhances transparency, and empowers your team to adapt swiftly to changes, all while keeping projects aligned with timelines and objectives.

Event Marketers

With the product launch just around the corner, it's an Event Marketers' time to shine. They bring their expertise in orchestrating events like conferences and webinars to highlight new features and showcase innovation in real time or irl! These events are their pride and joy, and they oversee every aspect, from concept to logistics, using various marketing channels to attract attendees.

But it goes without saying, event planning comes with a ton of moving parts. Keeping track of all the deadlines and details can be quite a challenge.

To keep everyone on the same page and maximize event visibility, all within your broader marketing strategy, Event Marketers can use Tenon’s Marketing Calendar. This calendar is like the central command that keeps everyone in the loop about deadlines and upcoming events. It's the secret to efficient planning and coordination, making sure that various marketing initiatives, including events, seamlessly come together.

Content Marketers

As Event and Field Marketers continue shaping the event-centric narrative, it's now a Content Marketers' time to shine with their pivotal role in the product launch. While their colleagues in Event and Field Marketing generally focus on events, Content Marketers have a distinctive responsibility – creating and distributing content that is central to the success of the product launch. They craft an array of content types, meticulously optimize for SEO, and strategically leverage distribution channels to genuinely engage the audience.

Here's where Tenon's marketing calendar comes into play as a vital tool for Content Marketers as well. Instead of organizing events, they transform it into an editorial calendar, serving as a central repository for cross-functional teams to visualize the publishing schedule and easily access the resources they need to create compelling content. This collaborative approach ensures that content is not only relevant but also perfectly synchronized with the broader product launch strategy.

To keep content creation moving right along, Tenon’s Activity Stream keeps everyone communicating from start to finish. With the ability to attach content, make comments to team members, and filter conversations, content marketers are able to incorporate edits, alter messaging, and produce content in record time. 

Campaign Success from Cross-Team Collaboration

There you have it!

From start to finish, you’ve seen how a marketing team can utilize marketing work management to build, maintain, and produce a campaign that delivers results with greater team alignment.  

The end result?

Improved productivity, fewer bottlenecks, team satisfaction, and the ability to deliver marketing campaigns that hit the mark and sail smoothly. 

How Tenon Allows Teams to Connect and Collaborate

In today's fast-paced marketing world, having a central hub where you and your team can work on marketing campaigns such as product launches is a game-changer. It's all about making teamwork easier between different marketing roles, ensuring smooth workflows, and keeping projects on track.

So, whether you're a marketing leader, project manager, or content creator, real-time communication and project visibility should be at the forefront of your marketing foundation. 

Ready to learn more? 

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