Unlock the Benefits of Building an Application on the ServiceNow Store

Release Your Potential with ServiceNow's Build Partnership and App Engine Studio

If you're considering building an application on the ServiceNow Store, you're on the right track to harnessing the power of the ServiceNow platform and expanding your reach to a global community of customers. ServiceNow offers a comprehensive partner program that rewards you for your commitment and fosters a collaborative and transformative relationship. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of becoming a ServiceNow Build partner and utilizing App Engine Studio to build your application.

Amplify Your Success with a Thriving Partner Ecosystem

ServiceNow's partner ecosystem is a vibrant community of innovators, developers, and industry experts. By joining as a Build partner, you become a part of this thriving network, gaining access to valuable resources, support, and collaboration opportunities. ServiceNow invests in its partners' growth and success, offering benefits designed to drive your technical and financial growth as an organization. As a ServiceNow Build partner, you can tap into a vast customer base, extend your market reach, and leverage the ServiceNow brand to elevate your credibility and visibility.

Forge a Transformative Relationship Based on Trust

ServiceNow values the trust and mutual commitment that form the foundation of a successful partnership. As a Build partner, you're not just engaging in a transactional relationship; you're embarking on a transformative journey for your company. ServiceNow believes in sharing a single-pane-of-glass view of customer journeys, allowing for seamless collaboration and alignment of goals. This approach fosters transparency and empowers you to deliver exponential value to shared customers. The partnership with ServiceNow is built on trust, reliability, and a shared commitment to customer success.

Utilize App Engine Studio for Efficient Application Development

Building an application on the ServiceNow platform is made easier and more efficient with App Engine Studio. This powerful development environment provides a range of features and capabilities to accelerate your application development process. App Engine Studio offers a low-code development approach, enabling both seasoned developers and citizen developers to create robust applications without the need for extensive coding expertise. The intuitive interface, pre-built components, and drag-and-drop functionality empower you to rapidly design, build, and deploy applications that meet the unique needs of your customers. For those out there with a more unique use case, you can build your own custom components. These can then be tied to the workflow engine and unified database that sits at the core of the ServiceNow architecture. This allows you to rapidly bring an app to market with no infrastructure of your own.

Leverage the ServiceNow Store for Global Visibility

The ServiceNow Store serves as a centralized marketplace where customers can discover, evaluate, and install applications built on the ServiceNow platform. By listing your application on the Store, you gain access to a global customer base actively seeking innovative solutions. With a Store listing, customers can be confident in installing your application, as it has gone through ServiceNow’s rigorous certification process. The Store's visibility and reach enable you to showcase your application to a diverse audience, increasing your chances of attracting new customers and driving revenue growth. Additionally, the ServiceNow Store provides a platform for customers to provide feedback and ratings, enhancing your application's credibility and market reputation.

Benefit from Continuous Innovation and Platform Advancements

As a ServiceNow Build partner, you'll stay at the forefront of technological advancements and innovation. ServiceNow consistently enhances its platform, introducing new features, functionalities, and updates to empower partners and customers alike. By leveraging these continuous improvements, you can enhance your application's capabilities, stay competitive in the market, and provide an exceptional user experience to customers. ServiceNow's commitment to innovation ensures that your partnership remains future-proof, allowing you to evolve and adapt to changing customer needs and market demands.

Build Rapidly Leveraging ServiceNow’s Architecture

At Tenon, we were able to bring a product to market in record time utilizing ServiceNow’s Build partner program. Instead of building and maintaining our own infrastructure, the application is fully scoped and certified through the ServiceNow Store. Customers have confidence that we are leveraging leading practices and that our app won’t interfere with the other work they have ongoing in ServiceNow. One example of how we benefited from ServiceNow is in the design of our marketing tasks. These are created by extending the base task table in ServiceNow. This allows us to inherit the native assignment functionalities, approval workflows, and notification capabilities that are inherent to the platform. Add in the UI policies and business rules, and our app quickly had enterprise-grade capabilities to bring to market.

Building an application on the ServiceNow Store using App Engine Studio offers numerous benefits for partners. By joining ServiceNow's partner ecosystem, you gain access to a thriving community, mutual trust, and support for your growth. App Engine Studio simplifies and accelerates the application development process, while the ServiceNow Store provides global visibility and customer reach. Embrace this partnership, and together with ServiceNow, you can deliver exponential value to customers and transform the way businesses operate.

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