The Perfect Pairing: Tenon Marketing + ServiceNow

Get Ready to Celebrate Marketing Success

As we approach the day of giving thanks, let's take a moment to acknowledge the whirlwind that is marketing – where teams often find themselves with more on their plates than a holiday table. 

From overlapping campaigns, to feeling like there are too many cooks in the kitchen, marketers are often challenged with how best to prioritize their projects and tasks without burning out. 

Enter the perfect pairing: Tenon’s Marketing Project Management solution and ServiceNow, the trusted platform already loved by IT and top enterprises everywhere. 

Read how Tenon, built on ServiceNow, is your recipe for sustainable success:

A Feast of Visibility: Marketing Calendars to Kanban Boards

Just like a well-organized holiday feast, Tenon brings order to the chaos. With clear tasks lists, powerful filters, and insightful views, there’s no more scrambling to figure out what needs to be done next.

Cheers to Collaboration: The Activity Stream Advantage

In a world where communication and alignment is as essential as cranberry sauce, Tenon’s activity stream helps everyone stay in the loop with real-time updates and quick collaboration.

Ensure your marketing team is on the same page, prevent any last-minute mishaps, and send projects out the door with confidence. 

More Gravy, Less Grief: Streamline Projects with Agile Marketing 

Agile marketing is the ultimate recipe for modern marketing success. With Tenon, you're all set to streamline project management with an abundance of Agile features, built to simplify even the most complex marketing projects.

No need to feel like a turkey running in circles – Tenon's Agile Marketing tools keeps everything organized, ensuring your team can pivot and prioritize to perfection.

Sweet Security: ServiceNow's Trusted Platform

Like a sturdy table, ServiceNow's platform provides a secure foundation for Tenon’s Marketing Work Management solution. A leader in digital workflows and trusted by enterprises globally, rest easy knowing your IT is in great hands.

Did we mention cross-departmental collaboration? With Tenon, marketing can seamlessly join the rest of the organization already using ServiceNow – the more, the merrier!

Ready to dig in?

To learn more about the Tenon + ServiceNow combo, we invite you to take a Tenon tour. We’d love to show you how your team can get a perfect mix of visibility, seamless collaboration, and streamlined project management, all connected to the ServiceNow platform.

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Two team members smiling while looking over documents with other marketers in their team

With Tenon, you no longer need to start a project management practice from scratch.

Let's save your marketing team time for the work that matters.

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