The Importance of Work Management Software for Content Marketers

The Key to Cohesive Content Marketing

As a content marketer, you are used to balancing different types of jobs and tasks. You might be writing a social media post one hour, reviewing copy for your website the next, and wrapping up the day by updating your editorial calendar, with any number of tasks in between. Everything from crafting a video script to writing a heavily-researched white paper can be included as a type of content marketing. 

With so many tasks falling under the umbrella of “content marketing”, it's no wonder that content marketers often struggle to keep up with their workloads and manage the number of tasks on their plate. Marketing work management software can be the solution that content marketers need in order to accomplish their tasks and be successful in the workplace. 

What is Work Management?

Work management is the process of organizing workflows and scheduling to help improve efficiency and manage teams. It will often be used by companies and departments to help keep things moving on a day-to-day basis and help reach productivity goals. Work management also helps individuals understand what is expected of them, what tasks they are assigned, and improve their communication. 

Work Management Software

Work management software is a tool that is used to help establish work management and help people gain clarity on their tasks and processes. It can help improve the workflow of content marketing and make sure that all teams are on the same page. The right solution will also ensure that all aspects of work management are covered and have the appropriate tool. Work management software will have features to help:

  • Allocate resources
  • Meet client needs
  • Improve scheduling for work
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Reduce waste and downtime
  • Enhance performance
  • Get better results
  • Train teams to be more adaptable
  • Plan decision-making
  • Measure productivity

10 Benefits of Work Management Software for Content Marketers

Content marketers in particular can benefit from work management and use it to help them stay on top of moving projects and plan out their days more effectively. Here are ten key benefits that content marketers can experience with work management:

1. Improve Communication

Communication is key for all marketers, but content marketers in particular need to have communication tools at hand. Content marketers are often tasked with speaking to clients, different teams, and their own coworkers in order to create an end product. Work management platforms will help bring communication into a central location. 

2. Make Planning Easier

The planning and strategizing stage of content marketing is incredibly important. It’s where you come up with your campaign, work on broad themes like tone and voice, and work on ongoing projects. Having a work management tool helps you work on creating your plan and making sure that it is accessible to your team.

3. Track Ongoing Tasks

Content marketers will often be involved in a number of campaigns, projects, and events at the same time. With all of this ongoing and shifting work, it becomes increasingly important to make sure that you are able to monitor your content tasks and not allow anything to slip out of mind. 

4. Understand Team Delineation 

A work management system will help teams understand exactly who is responsible for what in the workplace. You can learn and communicate with team members to understand who is responsible for which tasks and who is ultimately responsible for deadlines and events. 

5. Monitor Deadlines and Workload

Speaking of deadlines, a work management tool also helps content marketers know exactly when things are due and what their current workload is. Without marketing work management, it can be difficult to know exactly what your workload looks like and when your upcoming due dates are imminent. 

6. Work from Anywhere

In today’s business world, more and more marketers are working in hybrid or remote environments. Without the structure of the office, it can be challenging to keep up with the rest of your team. A work management tool will help you know exactly where you are on a project from anywhere in the world. 

7. Save Time & Speed Up Projects

The sad truth is that 11.4% of resources are wasted due to poor project management. That means that without work management, there is wasted time due to mismanaged timelines, unclear responsibilities, and unproductive workflows. Utilizing work management will help you avoid waste and speed up projects and deliverables. 

8. Get Better Reporting

Anyone who works in marketing understands the importance of analytics and reporting. Work management can help you get better reports by showing you how well your team did in managing projects and sticking to timelines. It also helps you understand what the slowdowns were that decreased productivity. 

9. Increase Transparency

There’s nothing worse than not knowing who is responsible for a task. Work management helps increase transparency by providing calendars and centralized project management boards that help you understand who is responsible for what and what the entire marketing workload looks like across different team members. 

10. Share Files and Documents

Content marketers will often create different files and documents to house the content they’ve worked on. Making sure that this information is available to the people who need it requires the support of a system. Work management can be used to share files and documents and even create a resource library where these assets can be found. 

Use a Work Management Solution Created by Marketers for Marketers

Work management is a valuable tool that can help content marketers execute their strategies and planning while tracking their day-to-day tasks. It helps cut down on the back-and-forth between team members and clients, and also helps improve productivity to simplify the content marketing process. 

At Tenon, we understand that the best type of software is designed with the user in mind. That’s why our marketing work management solution was created by marketers with marketers in mind. To learn more, schedule a tour today and discover how Tenon can help you improve content marketing efforts.

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