The Case for Marketing Work Management

Maximizing Marketing Success through Outstanding Work Management


According to a recent study by the American Marketing Association, over 60% of marketers report feeling burnt out. And it’s truly no wonder as marketing teams are being asked to support more and more business objectives, amplify customer engagement, and drive revenue – all at a time when many teams are functioning with fewer resources at an ever-increasing pace.Β 


As a marketing leader, you see the need for a marketing work management solution to help your team and align the business. But you already have a shiny marketing automation platform, and you just implemented that new webinar tool. Why another solution? Why project management? Why now?

To help make the case for marketing work management, below are five key reasons why creating a clearly defined work management practice can positively impact everything from getting the most out of your current tech stack to boosting team morale and influencing the all-important bottom-line.

1. Improved Campaign Outcomes

Effective work management can help marketing departments plan and execute campaigns more efficiently and effectively. By establishing clear goals and objectives, defining project plans and timelines, and closely monitoring progress, work management can help ensure that campaigns are completed on time, within budget, and to the desired level of quality.

2. Better Communication and Collaboration

Successful marketing campaigns require clear communication and collaboration between team members, stakeholders, and other parties involved in the creation and execution. By establishing clear lines of communication, ensuring everyone is on the same page, and promoting collaboration, project management can help marketing departments work together more effectively. According to a study by PWC, 77% of high-performing teams use a project management software solution.

3. Increased Efficiency

Work management can also help marketing departments streamline their workflows, reduce wasted time and resources, and increase overall efficiency. By implementing project or work management tools and methodologies, marketing departments can ensure that work is being done in the most efficient and effective way possible.

4. Enhanced Risk Management

Marketing campaigns often involve significant investments of time, money, and other resources. A work management practice can help marketing departments identify potential risks and develop strategies for managing those risks. By conducting risk assessments, developing contingency plans, and closely monitoring potential risks, marketing departments can reduce the likelihood of costly delays or other campaign setbacks.

5. Continuous Improvement

Marketing departments need to continuously assess campaign performance and make adjustments as needed to achieve better results. By following a structured approach to work management, marketing departments can continuously improve their campaign processes and achieve better outcomes over time.

In addition to all of these benefits, according to a report by the Project Management Institute, organizations that implement work management practices experience a 20% increase in project success rates, a 27% decrease in failed projects, and a 28% reduction in costs.


Organizations that implement project management practices experience a 20% increase in project success rates, a 27% decrease in failed projects, and a 28% reduction in costs.


There you have it! A solid case to define the far-reaching benefits of marketing work management. By establishing a clear process, your team will be better equipped to support company goals and objectives, improve team communication and collaboration, increase campaign efficiency, manage risks, and drive better results for their organization.Β 


Tenon, Marketing Work Management for Enterprise Teams

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