Superior Marketing Through Work Management

It’s Time to Put Marketing Work Management at the Top of Your Tech Stack

Successful Marketing relies heavily on information sharing: conceptualizing campaigns, coordinating with others, and unifying every step of the customer journey. But as many marketers can attest, achieving seamless alignment isn’t always that simple, and we've all experienced moments when we just feel out of the loop.

What does this mean for the success of an organization?

According to research conducted by Cigna, disconnected employees are more likely to exhibit higher turnover rates and lower productivity. And as recently reported by Harvard Business Review, 65% of workers report feeling less connected to their teams, resulting in a staggering $406 billion annual cost to companies nationwide due to resignations, unproductive work, and increased absenteeism.


So, how do we fix this collaboration conundrum that negatively affects morale, productivity, and profitability?

It’s time to prioritize – not just what we’re working on – but how we’re working together. It’s time to put work management at the front, top, and center of your tech stack. 

Power Marketing Off to Power Marketing On

“But who has time for that?” I hear you: the campaign conveyor belt stops for no one. As marketers, we’re constantly planning and pivoting and often just trying to keep our heads above water. So it might seem counterintuitive to “halt the presses” and take the time to redefine how tasks, projects, and campaigns are created and managed. 

But it is essential. 

As a marketing leader, dedicating time to defining work processes holds immeasurable value for the success of both you and your team. It equips everyone with better preparedness and an increased capability to tackle unforeseen challenges that may arise in the future. 

Whether it's visualizing fluctuating due dates collaboratively or seamlessly adapting your team's tasks with Agile Marketing flexibility, establishing well-defined processes empowers your team to flourish and achieve remarkable results.

So, make the case for a Marketing time out, clearly define why it matters for the future, and get ready to make up for “lost time” with your newly-established efficiency. 

Uncover Marketing by Numbers

The adoption of a robust work management system also highlights another significant value: empowering marketing leaders to make data-driven decisions.

Using well-defined marketing processes helps leaders gain a comprehensive understanding of capacity planning, resource allocation, performance tracking, and return on investment for each campaign. 

Armed with accurate insights from these processes, marketing leaders can confidently steer their strategies, refine tactics, and capitalize on opportunities, driving business growth and delivering exceptional results.

Use Work Management to Raise All Ships

Establishing a robust foundation of work management offers another significant benefit: maximizing the potential of your current tech stack. Often, marketing departments accumulate an array of expensive tools and solutions that end up unused and forgotten. Why? Because unlocking their true value requires substantial time and coordination.

However, by organizing and systematically orchestrating your campaign and project planning, you gain a deeper understanding of the technical resources at your disposal and how they can effectively support or drive your initiatives.

On the flip side, marketers may fall into the trap of hastily jumping from one solution to another, deploying uncoordinated tactics and spending without a clear grasp of how it contributes to the bottom line. While it may create the illusion of progress, it ultimately fails to deliver a cohesive, omni-channel experience, only consuming valuable time and resources.

Defining clear campaign objectives and goals paves a steady path for daily work and can help bring a sense of order to the inherent dynamism of fast-paced marketing teams. With a well-structured approach, you can harness the full power of your tech stack and navigate your marketing endeavors with clarity and efficiency.

Enhance Organizational Wellbeing 

This brings us to the final and most rewarding nature of work management: increased work satisfaction. When teams lack a clear direction, everyone suffers. Leaders fail to understand resource capacity, team members can become anxious when left in the proverbial dark, and the organization – as a whole – can lose top talent as a result. 

When employees have a clear roadmap for their tasks, feel supported in their roles, and experience a sense of accomplishment, their overall satisfaction and motivation soar, creating a positive work environment that drives success and fosters a collaborative and supportive environment. 

Build a Strong Foundation of Marketing Work Management 

In any department, establishing clear work management practices is crucial for ensuring organizational success and employee effectiveness. And modern marketing departments are no different. 

When there are well-defined processes in place, marketers have a clear understanding of their roles, responsibilities, and the steps required to accomplish tasks efficiently. This clarity reduces confusion, minimizes errors, and streamlines workflows, leading to increased productivity and higher-quality output.

Ready to Revolutionize the Way Your Marketing Team Works?

Reach out to us! We’d love to help you empower your team and increase operational efficiency. 

Tenon, Marketing Work Management for Enterprise Teams

Tenon is a work management solution developed exclusively for marketers. We provide a single space for marketing teams to organize and collaborate on campaigns, projects, and tasks so everyone stays in the loop from start to finish. Built on ServiceNow, we're powered by a platform already used by IT, HR, Finance, and Customer Service, so your company can collaborate and get work done like never before.

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