Our Collaboration Countdown to Marketing Magic

Marketing Tips from the Tenon Workshop

With the holiday season upon us, the Tenon team is counting down the days (and ways!) to help your marketing team jingle, dash, collaborate and relax. Take a look below for our top tips delivered from the Tenon Workshop. 

Processes, Unwrapped.

Week 1: Processes, Unwrapped. 

Based on research conducted by the Project Management Institute, organizations that implement project management practices experience: 20% increase in project success, 27% decrease in failed projects and a 28% reduction in costs.

Yet, according to a survey conducted by Tenon, 60.3% of marketers polled revealed that processes are not clearly documented within the marketing department.

Unboxed below are our top tips to bring power to your processes:

1. Unlock Workflow Magic

Establish well-defined workflows to streamline tasks from initiation to completion.

2. Jingle all the Way with SOPs

Define standard operating procedures for marketing to ensure consistency and efficiency.

3. Give the Gift of Process

Schedule recurring time to review and optimize marketing processes for continuous improvement.

4. Embrace Elf-Like Automation

Identify and automate routine marketing tasks to save time and reduce manual effort.

5. Sleigh with Agile Methodologies

Embrace agile methodologies to enhance adaptability to changing marketing needs.

Communication Celebration

Week 2: Communication Celebration

In the dynamic world of marketing, effective communication stands as the cornerstone for success, effectively binding strategies, creativity, and collaboration. Clear communication within marketing teams is not just advantageous but absolutely crucial, serving as a fundamental driver of brand resonance and customer engagement.

According to a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 72% of marketers believe that a lack of communication is the most significant barrier to producing engaging content. This statistic underscores the critical role communication plays in crafting compelling narratives and cohesive campaigns.

Below are our top tips to streamline your marketing communication and unwrap seasons of success:

1. Illuminate Clear Channels

Document and share communication channels to ensure messages reach the right teams promptly.

2. Facilitate Fireside Chats

Foster a culture of open communication to enhance collaboration and idea-sharing.

3. Tech the Halls

Leverage project management tools for transparent communication and task tracking.

4. Gather 'Round Team Meetings

Schedule regular stand-ups to discuss progress, challenges, and upcoming initiatives.

5. Craft Visual Delights

Incorporate visual tools like Kanban boards for clearer communication of marketing tasks, progress, and insights.

Twinkling Time Management

Week 3: Twinkling Time Management

In the fast-paced world of marketing, time management is not just a nicety, but a critical need. Read our top tips for effectively building solid skills around organizing and prioritizing your time.

With dedication, these practices will help you and your team allocate resources wisely, meet deadlines, and stay proactive in the face of challenges.

1. Defrost Deep Work

Encourage time-blocking for focused work. Be sure to respect others when they temporarily freeze their communications (don’t flurry, they’ll be back!).

2. Sprinkle SMART Goals

Break larger goals into smaller, actionable tasks (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) for effective time management.

3. Gift-Wrap Priorities

Use techniques like the Eisenhower matrix to prioritize tasks and projects based on urgency and importance.

4. Embark on Agile Expeditions

Explore agile practices like standups to remove blockers, re-prioritize tasks, and avoid unnecessary rework. 

5. Celebrate with Self-Care

Boost productivity and keep your mental health merry and bright with regular breaks.

Week 4: Crystallize Culture

Cultivating a strong team culture is the driving force behind heightened collaboration and project success. Fostering an open and positive atmosphere empowers marketing teams to navigate complexities and work together toward common goals. 

From effective communication to a shared sense of purpose, a robust team culture ensures agile project execution.

1. Embrace Evergreen Learning

Promote a culture of continuous learning and improvement to foster team growth and positivity.

2. Cultivate Comfy Collaboration

Encourage the establishment of feedback loops and a culture that values active listening, fostering a positive and open environment that nurtures collaboration.

3. Facilitate Festive Flexibility

Embrace adaptability, encouraging flexible collaboration to accommodate varied schedules and enhance teamwork.

4. Sync with Snowy Synergy

Create camaraderie with team-building activities (in person or remotely), fostering unity and stronger connections among team members.

5. Celebrate and Cheer

Reflect on past wins and acknowledge team achievements to maintain team motivation, learn from shared experiences, and build positive momentum for the future.

Week 5: Tech the Halls

From task assignment to data-driven decision-making, technology is essential to modern marketing and project management success.

By embracing collaborative solutions, marketing teams can navigate complexities, optimize resources, and meet timelines with precision.

1. Enhance Merry Messaging

Leverage collaboration platforms to enhance team communication, streamline status updates, and maintain a culture of connectivity.

2. Winterize Your Workshop

Implement capacity planning solutions to work more efficiently, make the most of available resources, and avoid team burnout.

3. Light Up Insights

Embrace data analytics tools to drive informed decision-making in marketing strategies, allowing for insights-driven campaigns and targeted initiatives.

4. Dash Through Complexities

Incorporate agile marketing methodologies supported by technology to navigate project complexities with adaptability and responsiveness.

5. Project Management Magic

Leverage project management software to build a foundation of marketing processes, ensuring projects are efficiently executed and delivered on schedule.

There you have it - our complete countdown to marketing collaboration! We hope you found some valuable tips to introduce to your team.

If you're gearing up to refine processes or embark on new marketing endeavors, reach out. The Tenon team would love to learn how we could support your marketing success.

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