Marketers: Don’t Start Work Management from Scratch

Save Time with Solutions Custom-Built for Marketers

Why do marketers waste time configuring generic project management tools to fit our unique marketing needs? In many cases, it’s because we as marketers are told what tool to use to manage our projects — sometimes from IT or another department like product management or enterprise PMO.

This also begs the question, even when we choose, is there a project management tool designed and purpose-built for marketers? A solution that enables cross-department project management work? In truth, there really has not been a solution in the market that solves this marketing + enterprise project management challenge. The majority of project management tools available today serve overall project management needs, but are not built to handle the unique requirements of a marketing department.  

As a previous CMO, I saw firsthand what it took to take a generic project management tool and configure it for the needs of marketing. Here is what that process looked like (in all its confounding details!).

We first looked at the market and compared the various products that were available. We went through weeks of demos and trials with many vendors and down-selected our top three. When we were ready to select our preferred vendor, we then had to go through a rigorous IT procurement process where the software vendor was asked to complete a security spreadsheet to verify the tool met the security and compliance requirements of our business. After we formally procured the new tool from the vendor, we worked with IT to get it up and running with single sign-on and to set us up as administrators in the new tool. 

Unfortunately, our story did not end there. It ended up requiring 6 months of implementation work and a significant focus from our marketing operations manager to add all the necessary fields, workflows, approvals, request forms, project templates required to actively use the tool. In today’s world, we don’t have 6-9 months to get a solution running. We needed it yesterday!

We tried a number of different project management tools and we didn’t find any that met our unique marketing needs,”

- Kelly McDermott, CMO for Caregility

Marketing teams do not have the time or bandwidth to start from scratch. And the precious time they do have is needed on creating brand, pipeline, revenue, and support for customers and internal teams.

 “None of us had the time to take an off-the-shelf project management tool and modify it, adjust it, and add everything we needed to meet the needs of a very busy marketing team,”

- Kelly McDermott, CMO for Caregility

Tenon, Marketing Work Management for Enterprise Teams

Tenon is a Work Management solution developed exclusively for Marketers. We provide a single space for marketing teams to organize and collaborate on campaigns, projects, and tasks so everyone stays in the loop from start to finish. Built on ServiceNow, we're powered by a platform already used by IT, HR, Finance, and Customer Service, so your company can collaborate and get work done like never before.

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With Tenon, you no longer need to start a project management practice from scratch.

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