Maximizing Success in Event and Field Marketing

Unlocking Effortless Event and Field Marketing Coordination

Event and field marketers are responsible for important growth tasks and revenue-generating activities that require a high level of attention to detail in order to complete successfully. And oftentimes they have to manage these tasks while juggling multiple overlapping events.

So, what’s the secret to keeping all these projects, tasks, and events seamlessly soaring?

In order to make sure that event and field marketing events run smoothly, improving your marketing work management strategy and ensuring that your team is working collaboratively is key to making your next field marketing event a major success. 

What is an Event or Field Marketer?

Event and field marketing are unique types of marketing disciplines. Field marketing is a type of on-the-go marketing that can take place anywhere in the field. Field marketers are often responsible for going into new spaces and promoting a product or service through direct communication with prospects and customers. An event marketer is in charge of planning and executing events that market a business. 

Job Responsibilities

Someone who works in either field marketing or event marketing will often have overlaps in job responsibilities. Certain things that fall under the umbrella of event and field marketing include: 

  • Working with sponsors and partners to manage events
  • Establishing metrics and KPIs for field and event marketing
  • Planning locations, staff, resources, and materials for events
  • Improving brand image
  • Creating marketing materials for events that are appealing to audiences
  • Showcases the value of a brand at events
  • Making direct sales and interacting with customers
  • Preparing reports to present to stakeholders on events
  • Following up with marketing contacts gathered from events

Strategies to Improve Event and Field Work Management

In order to become a successful field and event marketer, you need to know how to manage your projects and tasks. Work management allows you to plan and execute all the tasks related to your events and make the process of event marketing easier for you. 

Here are some great strategies to improve your work management approach:

Define Your Goals Clearly

Every event or activity you plan should have a clear goal. Whether that is gathering leads, finding new partners to work with, or reaching a specific revenue number, you need to know what you are striving to achieve. Having a clearly defined goal or list of goals for each event will give you benchmarks to measure your success by. It helps you learn what to improve in the future and whether your event was productive. 

Collaborate with Your Sales Teams

Event marketers and field marketers work very closely with sales team members. Oftentimes, event and field marketers go to events like networking meet-ups, showcases, trade shows, product launches, and conferences together. They need to work together in order to gather leads and interact with more customers. Bringing in the sales team members to your work management can make collaboration seamless. 

Plan a Detailed Workflow

Another tip is to make sure you have a detailed workflow. When you are planning an event, it helps to make sure that every step is laid out and assigned to a team member. That way, no important step is skipped in the planning process. After all, there’s nothing worse than going to an event you planned and realizing no one brought the brochures or business cards.

Balance Your Team’s Workload

No matter the size of the event, there is a lot of work to be done. Trying to manage your team and ensure that everyone’s workload is evenly distributed can be difficult, especially if your work management style isn’t very organized. Using a work management tool will help you visually see what tasks are assigned to each team member so you can move work around so no individual team member is overwhelmed. 

Build Effective Communication

Communication is key in marketing. And when you work in field marketing or event marketing, this is even more true. After all, you may have team members who are in a different location, in a different time zone, or on the floor of a trade show who still need to be looped into important decisions. Having channels of effective communication can improve not only the quality of your events, but the satisfaction of your colleagues. 17% of workplace employees have reported higher levels of satisfaction when they have digital collaboration tools. 

Create Repeatable Processes

Trying to plan an event or field visit from scratch every time you start something new is exhausting. Instead, it helps to have a process or template in place that you can work off of. A repeatable process will ensure that the next time you have an event the lessons you’ve learned from the past are implemented. It also saves time, makes assigning tasks and organizing your team easier, and cuts down on errors and mistakes. 

Utilize Event + Field Management Software

Accomplishing all of these strategies may seem difficult, but when you are working with the right work management software, it isn’t hard at all. A great event and field management software will help you create templates, monitor progress, assign tasks, adjust your timelines, and communicate with your team. It also helps streamline your event planning and give reports and analytics on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. 

Build a Foundation for Your Event and Field Marketing Projects with Tenon

At Tenon, we know how important it is for field and event marketers to plan successful events that grow the business and increase revenue. Our work management solution was developed by marketers to help marketers achieve their work management goals. You can create repeatable processes, simplify event management, and align teams, departments, and stakeholders. 

To learn more about Tenon and how it can help you, book a demo today and discover the difference Tenon can make for your team.

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